Top Viewing ~ The Dyfi Ospreys Are Back


This week I’ve rather fallen by the wayside with Becky’s Square Tops challenge, but I had to post this for the final day. And to say a big thank you to Becky for being such a top host and giving us all so much fun during these very strange times.

Some of you will remember the ospreys from a trip Graham and I made last year to the Dyfi Estuary in mid-Wales. The Dyfi Osprey Project has an observation centre with cameras trained on an osprey nest and you can observe happenings there throughout the breeding season. Live streaming is back (link below) and three eggs have been laid.  And now we’ve all got plenty of time to take a look. Hopefully, unlike the video in my previous post, it will not be subject to censorship!





Square Tops #30

23 thoughts on “Top Viewing ~ The Dyfi Ospreys Are Back

    1. I agree she looks small, Joanne. But then the scale on my second photo says they have a wing span of 180cm – over 6 feet! Maybe something to do with the webcam perspective perhaps. Glad you’ve been have a look though.

      1. Here we’re about 20 warmer than normal, so I’d welcome normal. I could send you the 20 and we’d both be very happy. 🙂 About 100+ most days right now, Fahrenheit, of course. 🙂

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