Zebra ~ One On Top Of Another?

park 11v

It’s rainy, grey and cold here in Wenlock this morning. But the weather people tell us this is only a temporary set-back and spring should resume tomorrow. In the meantime it seems a good excuse to return to the old Africa album for some equatorial warmth, although it has to be said East Africa can be extremely chilly too. (Not a lot of people know this).  Anyway here’s a snap taken on an unchilly day in Nairobi’s National Park,  city construction work and wildebeest in the background.

So: not so much a zebra crossing as a zebra pile-up.

Happy weekend one and all, however it comes.


Six Word Saturday

Square Tops #18

36 thoughts on “Zebra ~ One On Top Of Another?

    1. Now that would be an eye-opener – zebra on the Edge 🙂 The rain’s not adding up to much, which is a pity. Like you, we’ve had nothing for weeks. Weather gods shot all their rain bolts from Oct to Feb perhaps.

    1. So happy you liked my pile up, Jude. And yes, southern Africa can be v. draughty too. We went to Zimbabwe in July and it was very cold at night. And we often used have a log fire in in Nairobi – July to Sept.

  1. I guess some things really are just black and white. 🙂 I just looked to see what a group of zebras is called and was told a dazzle or a zeal. Hippos meanwhile are a bloat, which is more than a bit ironic, don’t you think?


    1. I remember knitting quite a lot of thick jumpers while I was in Nairobi – nice woolly wool from Meru if I remember rightly. Graham’s sweater is unravelling a bit, but mine are still intact. I was very glad of them back them, and over 20 years later, I still am.
      I hope you are well, Mak. And not eating too much that you will need the structural adjustment to your domestic premises that you predicted 🙂

      1. I am well and trying to keep it that way. At the moment I am able to still ride so I will pass through doors in the near future. It might change though if I can’t go out.

    1. Thanks, Alison. Nairobi’s park is quite something, though I gather the once open migration corridor to the south is increasingly under threat by further human encroachment. It’s still an amazing resource.

    1. It’s not very pretty, I agree, and a lot more of it since the photo. There’s talk in the Kenya press of KWS wanting to build an eco-lodge in the park. There’s some resistance it seems.

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