Top Run!


Lots of people around the town have been keeping fit. Hats off to them. And so, as well as admiring the energetic zeal of this determined young woman, you also get to see the august lime trees of Much Wenlock’s Linden Walk just coming into leaf. Every day the green haze grows greener.

There’s a strong connection too, between these trees and physical exercise. The limes were planted by the town’s physician and his chums in around the 1860s. Dr William Penny Brookes knew a thing or several about people staying healthy – in body, mind and spirit. It was why he invented the Wenlock Olympian Games (begun in 1850) which still take place every year on the field to the left of this avenue. On the right of the Linden Walk ran the railway – whose arrival in town was also facilitated by the wise doctor’s lobbying. It once brought thousands of people from far and wide to see the games. I think Dr. Brookes would be very pleased us – we’re all shifting ourselves one way or another  – gardening, walking, cycling, running.

Talking of shifting, it’s gone 5 pm and the allotment calls. Time to trot across the field and get some spuds in.

Square Tops #16

22 thoughts on “Top Run!

      1. Well Penny Brookes did have a knitting contest, and a climb the greasy pole contest, and tilting, so definitely why not – a trot to the allotment event 🙂

    1. I understand your feeling anxious, but going out a bit might boost the spirits. You can always wrap a scarf round if you haven’t a face mask, should you think the latter necessary. Not many people are bothering with them in Wenlock, but then we’re a small town. I’ve seen one or two when they go in the shops, and the shop staff are using them. Otherwise, everyone seems very good at skirting round each other.

    1. Uphill is not for me either. Nor the trotting. I exaggerated. I can do striding though, especially when the spring greenness starts soaking in. It’s a real tonic. Been walking shoeless home from the plot too. (now it’s dry). Good to feel one’s feet on the earth, even if it leads to grubby sox.

    1. It forgave me, especially when I got a nice row of Belle de Fontenay spuds well dug in. Shoulders aching this morning though. Should have gone in for some training before the planting season!

  1. I started wearing a mask when grocery shopping, partly because it makes my husband feel better. The recommendation here is now that everyone wear them, so I wear the stylish tiger-print one made by our younger daughter. 🙂 I’m glad to be able to get out and walk in the mornings and then I don’t wear a mask but then I don’t get close to any people.


    1. He did well, didn’t he? He was also a trained botanical herbalist, so he knew lime tree blossom in early summer would have a very soothing effect on everyone 🙂

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