27 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Top A Giraffe

  1. Those are quite rare. Funny you should call them “Rothschild”. I’d call them reticulated… On the brink of extinction too…
    How are you faring in lockdown? The Uk is taking quite a hit…
    Stay safe.

    1. Hello, Brian. We are faring well so far, thanks, though it looks as if lockdown is locked in! For some reason antibody testing isn’t happening; if it were we might start seeing the wood for the trees and find out how many of us have already been infected. But there are signs of serious scientific dissent today; saying our politicians need lessons in understanding modelling, and that their ongoing reliance on the Imperial modelling has been a big mistake! Hope all is well with you. As for reticulated, I believe they have a more geometric patterning than the Rothschild’s. I’m not sure if I have a photo. Will go and look. Take care!

      1. All well here, Asante sana. Missing the grandkids. But hopefully we will see them again in a while. Look forward to the pic… Kwaheri sassa.

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