Top Of The Morning ~ From The Top Of The Garden


Here she is, our Japanese crab apple tree, Evereste, caught this morning in first flush over in the guerrilla garden. Full-on sun too, though the air is icy. It is both heartening, and yet surreal to see spring vegetation unfolding so graciously around us. Such strange and unprecedented times we’re living through; so many unsubstantiated and unchallenged narratives. Only time will tell which ones are true (or maybe not). In the meantime there are the small certainties, the truth that this apple flower is perfect in its own particular way. And that if a bumble bee happens by to pollinate it, then in October there will be a miniature rosy apple growing here, which in turn will give us pleasure and in December make a meal for a hungry blackbird.


Square Tops #14

37 thoughts on “Top Of The Morning ~ From The Top Of The Garden

  1. Ooh, I HAVE to get a crab apple. They are lovely little trees. Though mine will have to go in a pot. But I used to see one in Ludlow in a large container and it seemed to be very happy and healthy. Top of the morning to you Tish!

    1. I have a small weeping one in the front garden which very sweet. Lost the label. But there are quite a lot suitable for small gardens. Laura is a very upright one for a limited space. But a pot should be fine. Hope you’re having some sun down in the southwest πŸ™‚

      1. I think Laura is one I wrote down some time ago as being suitable for a pot. I was actually eyeing up a space next to my patio, full sun, and currently full of Iris pseudacorus. I have pulled a load out this year as they have spread , but a possible spot if I can get more out.

      2. Well once the irises have flowered (May) I might have a go at clearing the space. Or I might take this easy route and just have one in a large container!

  2. That is one very top square, Tish! (you’d laugh- every time I go to print the letter ‘ ‘, nothing happens. As in suares. One day I’ll buy a new lap top! Meanwhile, cut and paste πŸ™‚ ) A lot of misinformation in the news? Hard to know what’s real. Going with the flow. And there’s always chocolate cake!

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