The Deconstructed Top-Knot?


When we walked into town yesterday down the Cutlins path we pleased to see members of the McMoo clan back in the meadow. And a little family group by the looks of it – daddy, mummy and junior McMoo.

And the parents all but canoodling while offspring was exploring the peripheries of the town’s electricity substation.




On the return trip, shopping accomplished, we found the local jackdaws had discovered the McMoos too. They were busy plucking the bull’s winter coat for a spot of nest building material.



Square Tops #12

32 thoughts on “The Deconstructed Top-Knot?

      1. I wonder how long it is going to take to actually get a hairdresser appointment when all this is over? Could be looking at pony tails making a revival 😀

      2. And the ‘old English sheepdog’ look. In Wenlock we actually have 3 hairdressers plus another starting up just as lockdown happened. So hopefully there won’t be too much of a ‘lock-jam’ as and when.

    1. Thanks for those kind thoughts, Su. We are fine thank you. There’s lots to be said for quiet roads and not going far, but then we do have sunshine and for several days now – which means we can be in the garden; something that has barely happened since October.

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