39 thoughts on “Dubai Desert: Sand-Lines

      1. They did. And actually it’s not that cold, surprisingly. Just wondering about sliding up to the allotment. Been trying to get the raspberries canes in order. They’re fighting back.

  1. Stunning images Tish. They make me think of the opening scene of the film of The English Patient. Probably the closest I’ll get to the desert, unless climate change brings it to me.

    1. That’s a good film to conjure up, Su. Which reminds me – if you haven’t seen it, somewhere on YouTube there’s a series about what famous actors’ grandfathers did in the war. The Kristin Scott Thomas episode is a stunner.

    1. All sorts of weather chaos going on just now, Pete, but I’d not read about the sand. Only the snow in Saudi! The year we went to Dubai (around ’97-’98) it was much cooler than usual, and we arrived to rain (also unusual). El Nino effect that year probably.

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