Scabious ~ A Heavenly Blue


Freshly opened in the Farrell garden.

July Squares #12  Never too late to join in with Becky’s Blue July Squares. In fact, given the world’s current turmoil and its severe overload with greedy, sub-standard leaders self-interested persons, the more blue the better. Very soothing  to the psyche.

42 thoughts on “Scabious ~ A Heavenly Blue

  1. Pretty blue! My blue scabious got mildew! I am hoping it will grow back 😦
    As for self-centred leaders who are more interested in power rather than the people they represent, I wonder who on earth that could apply to? No… I haven’t got enough fingers.

    1. I agree. I’ve just consulted Richard Mabey’s Flora Britannica and he says the name derives from a herb form of the plant (there are wild versions that grow in our local meadows) that was used to treat scabies. So there we are.

  2. Gorgeous flower and photo Tish. Too early in the day to raise my blood pressure thinking about the world’s evils, so I am happy to delight in your image.

  3. Oh this is beautiful, Tish! It’s almost a watercolor. And living here in the States, your comment is particularly apt. I think I’ll come back to this post when I get stressed, and just gaze at the photo. 🙂 And thanks for clearing up the name of the flower, as the name is strange indeed.

  4. What a blissful sight your close up of teh Scabious is, Trish. Perfectly framed by your words. It’s hard to digest what’s going on in the world at the moment.

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