Just Now ~ The Blue Over Wenlock Edge


I noticed last night that the wheat in Townsend Meadow is on the turn – the silver-grey ears taking on the faintest sheen of gold. Out in the guerrilla garden there is also much gold on the go. The chamomile daisies are over a metre tall, and the giant mullein are being truly gigantic. Soon the helianthus will be blooming and it will be full-on yellow, here on the edge of Wenlock Edge.


July Squares #11

43 thoughts on “Just Now ~ The Blue Over Wenlock Edge

  1. How beautiful photos. It was a great joy to see them! I think that I have never seen those chamomile daisies. Thank You presenting them.

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Many thanks, Sartenada. They’re called Dyer’s Chamomile, so presumably in times past were used in the dyeing industry. I didn’t know them either till I grew them from seed last year. They fold back their petals at night, and this morning when I took the photo they hadn’t quite lifted them up again. In full sun they have full daisy faces. Must post some pics.

  2. I always thought chamomile daisies were white ones with yellow centres and fairly low growing though I know there are different forms, these look most unusual, I like the droopiness of the petals. Yellow and blue are perfect.

      1. no, I think when we had trees cleared they were in the way of the big machines??? Any way they aren’t there and we really aren’t sure where in the field they were…every thing changed in the landscape.

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