Delicate Distinctions In The Great Rift



I mean to say are these my memories caught in decomposing film, the photos taken long ago on the shores of Lake Elmenteita? Or are these scenes simply mirages?

There’s no way to be absolutely sure.

But then I do recall distinct sensations – eyes stinging in the corrosive cocktail of flamingo guano and volcanic soda – a circumstance that could well account for the blurriness of these vistas. The acrid deposits along the water’s edge also made my nose curl and run. And then there was the disorientating honking and grunting of lessers and greaters, so oddly amplified over the shallow lake. That pale pink mist was strange too, as if some unseen hand had released it for theatrical effect. And finally there were the chilly first-light temperatures which ever argued with a determined point of view that equatorial climes could not possibly be so frosty.

Sometimes in Africa it was hard to know which way was up.


copyright 2019 Tish Farrell

Lens-Artists: Delicate This week Ann-Christine shows us delicacy in many exquisite forms. Please pay her a visit and be inspired.

38 thoughts on “Delicate Distinctions In The Great Rift

      1. Your posts of Africa always make me think of Karen Blixen’s “Out of Africa” . I can almost hear her voice.

  1. I love that last shot. In the other two, I keep squinting to see what the white edge is on the horizon. It’s the feeling of something just out of reach or at the edge of vision.


  2. Our film photos from all those years ago now look so grainy and faded. At the time we thought they were so clear and now like our memories, they take on a different hue. I like how you relate your memory to your senses. The nose always remembers 😉

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