All Quiet In The Mara?


This week at the Lens-Artists, Tina explores the concept of harmony. There are of course many ways of thinking about it  – physically and metaphysically, in terms of colour, music, flavours, composition, structures, relationships, (angelic choirs even). My first thought, though, was of the East African plains: harmony in the sense of the natural cycle of things; every species occupying its niche within the grasslands ecosystem; harmony with edge since eating and being eaten also come into it. This photo, taken at sundown, could also be seen as harmony – at least from the human perspective – a case of the pathetic fallacy perhaps: disparate creatures roaming and grazing peacefully together in the  wilderness idyll, all bathed in golden late-day light. On the other hand, and I am not absolutely sure about this,  but there could well be a hyena on the prowl – the tiny brownish entity, slightly dog-like, a zebra and a half in from the right, and just below the bough of the right hand thorn tree. Harmony about to be interrupted then.

copyright 2019 Tish Farrell

Lens-Artists: harmony

48 thoughts on “All Quiet In The Mara?

  1. Not harmony then, but balance. Predators who kill for survival rather than greed (oops, I can feel an environmental grumble coming on).
    Lovely shot Tish, and a very good take on the theme.

    1. Thanks Su.Yes that environmental grumble nearly surfaced as I was writing this – a historical one – of colonial settlers and their devastation of the East African game. We see only a fraction of the animals that they saw a hundred years ago.

  2. Calm on the surface, but frantic under the water- or is that just me swimming? 🙂 🙂 Things aren’t always what they seem, Tish, but it’s a beautiful scene.

  3. Hmmm….I think you’re right Tish, that DOES look like a hyena. They are quite the clever creatures – sneaking up on the peacefully grazing, unsuspecting other creatures. A lovely example of harmony about to be disrupted.

  4. Perfect photo and narrative for the theme, Tish. Love that late-day light. We humans could learn a lot from animals’ behaviour in the wild. I could do without the hyenas though. 😯

  5. I love your Africa posts, even if brief like this one. I’m always envious of your time there, and at the same time fascinated and smiling every time.

  6. Great photo … the giraffe didn’t seem bothered, but then I don’t think a full-grown giraffe would be bothered by the ‘brown blob’. 🙂

  7. As my dear friend Mary used to tell me when she was fighting cancer “‘Enjoy the moments and pursue your dreams while you are able”. Harmony is blissful but fleeting. Lovely image.

  8. Great poetic description of ‘harmony with edge’ on the savannah. As Su said, it’s a delicate balance. Too bad humans come along and screw it up.

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