April’s Changing Seasons: Leaves, Lambs And A New MacMoo



We’ve had three seasons this April – spring, summer and winter, some frost, lots of cold wind, a week of barbeque weather, more wind (thank you Storm Hannah), but no April showers, or at least only a couple of days’ worth. And now spring is back and we have leaves – lots and lots in their best, shiniest, juiciest green. In the last ten days the Linden Walk has turned from this:


…to this:


Also this week we have a new Highland bull calf in the Cutlins meadow. This morning as we were lingering on the path watching him, an elderly Wenlockian passing with her West Highland terrier informed us that the proud mother is a Welsh champion. We agreed she certainly has a fine set of horns, but she doesn’t strike us as the sort of cow who would be much impressed by awards. While we were there she was anyway much engaged with a tree stump trying to relieve a very tenacious itch. Meanwhile young MacMoo was attempting to muscle in on the scene.








The magpie in the last shot looks to have found a handy source of nesting material.

And now a general Wenlock April round up.


The Changing Seasons

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72 thoughts on “April’s Changing Seasons: Leaves, Lambs And A New MacMoo

  1. oh macmoo brings smiles –
    and love this too:
    “leaves – lots and lots in their best, shiniest, juiciest green.” what a nice description

      1. I think they may get a bit overheated in our English winters. They’re designed for the wild and woolly northlands. But at least all that thatch keeps some of the winter rain out.

      2. True. Works as a thick raincoat. I do need to squeeze in a few weeks in England some day. Get out of London… Time, oh, Time!

  2. Babies are priceless – especially when they have a furry face ❤️

    I do miss all the greenery and flowers blooming in France. Back home it looks like spring has taken an extended holiday. At the rate we’re going, it may be June before we see leaves 😕

    I love the before and after photos of Linden Walk. How can you be anything but happy after a walk down that lane? 🙂

    1. You’re so right. The Linden Walk is Dr. William Penny Brookes’ all round tonic for the town (he who planted it), and it’s been working for 150 years already 🙂

  3. Wow! That transformation of the Linden Walk is stunning — perfect illustration of “shiny, juicy green.”
    I’m having a major cute attack over little MacMoo; babies are so much fun to watch. And Mum is seriously impressive.
    Wishing you a lovely, sun-kissed productive and happy month ahead Tish.

  4. We got your April showers, Tish, but they’ve gone again. 27/28C today- warm for walking 🙂 🙂 Close by we have a very cute baby goat, but not a Linden in sight! Wishing you and the man in the shed a joyful May 🙂

  5. What a smashing post, Tish, so lovely to see your gorgeous photos too! What a difference between the photos of the trees on the Linden walk, in such a short time. They’ll soon look magnificent & majestic in their full leafy plumage. The calf is absolutely adorable! I love cows anyway, but Highland Cattle are incredible looking beasties..that fur! The magpie must’ve thought she’d got enough to try to steal a bit. The local bulls here are British Blues, I feel so privileged when they come over to say hello & then try to lick me to death! 😂

    1. What nice British Blues! Our highland ones are rather stand offish. Or at least they’re too busy ruminating to be bothered to socialise. But I quite like that about them.

      1. Must admit, I might be a bit bothered as to where & what the Highland cattle might do with those horns if they got too close! The British Blues won’t always oblige with a visit..chewing the cud & lying down often takes precedence!

  6. How lovely to see a spring somewhere! I’m hoping that May brings slightly dryer weather.

    That is the cutest calf I think I’ve ever seen and your green walkway looks delicious. I still wearing three layers of flannel and wool socks, so I live in hope that the green and the warm will show up here, too.

  7. Macmoo is gorgeous! It is amazing how quickly things green up, but I do wish time would slow down, we seem to be rushing through the year again and I would like to enjoy these lighter and brighter months for longer.

  8. One minute the trees are all naked and the next they’re popping out all over! 😀 … what a cute Spring Baby. 🙂 … mind you, they’re all cute at that age.

  9. Is there anything more glorious than the return of green? Still waiting for it in my part of the world…

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