Goodness Gracious, Godetia ~ Don’t You Know Summer’s Gone?


Clearly not, though she is a bit ragged round the edges. Anyway, here’s how I caught her on Tuesday when I was passing through the garden en route for the allotment with my bag of compost makings. (The heap building must go on.) This ‘cheap and cheerful’ cottage garden annual (once also known as Clarkia) is an easily grown plant that can usually be relied on to produce clouds of colour throughout the summer and do much self-seeding. This year however, it did not like the prolonged heat one bit. The limp and skinny stems that were produced soon curled up and fainted, and watering the plants didn’t seem to help matters either. I abandoned the cause. But now, heading for Christmas, I find a single plant prevails,  driven by the seed-setting imperative. There’s optimism for you.

Time Square #13

39 thoughts on “Goodness Gracious, Godetia ~ Don’t You Know Summer’s Gone?

  1. Optimism indeed…..I think we need more of that. Hope you are enjoying the run up to the holiday season and that you bring out some of your strawberry vodka, which one of these days I hope to experience. …. Janet 🙂

      1. I am not really a gin drinker except for the occasional gin and tonic on a hot day, but did sample this when In Crickhowell during the summer….and it is delicious:) I might be converted……

      2. I think that’s the thing. Gin of yesteryear was a very lacklustre affair. And the tonic so tinny. I’d given it up years ago, then got re-coverted by niece with tots of designer gin and much more palatable fevertree tonic.

      1. Yes, the thought of sunglasses, shorts and iced tee , with the distinct prospect of a typical cooling African Thunderstorm in a few hours can be so tiresome!

    1. I’ve only grown them for a couple years. I always thought I disliked them: the vegetation is a bit fleshy, but then I noticed that the flowers are really quite pretty.

  2. Golly gosh a gaudy Godetia indeed – there is a Clarkia amoena called ‘farewell to Spring’ but this must be ‘waving on winter’ –
    p.s. wish on a lucky Geminid falling star this freezing clear night and look out for the coming to a sky near you very soon Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner.

      1. Wish I’d kept better records over the years. It feels as though the odd moments in nature are now happening regularly but maybe that’s just me.

  3. There’s no harm in optimism. That’s where me and himself differ:) 🙂 I did hope you’d journey with me to Spain this week though. Have a happy weekend, Tish. Best to the man in the shed.

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