Fallen Harvest ~ Winter Feast For The Small Creatures


The old apple tree at the allotment has a litter of lost and decomposing apples all around it. As I took this photo yesterday I tried not to think of all the stuffed baked apples they added up to; the crumbles and tartes tatin missed out on. Just as well, says the waistline. I’ve recently been struggling to make a pair of corduroy trousers, the struggle being in the fitting department. Having adjusted the waistband to a state of snugness that allows only slight room for expansion, I do not need to grow out of them before I’ve worn them. Anyway, I’m sure there’s plenty of wildlife that will be glad of these windfalls, blackbirds and slugs especially.


Time Square #12

24 thoughts on “Fallen Harvest ~ Winter Feast For The Small Creatures

  1. Ah,yes,the old, ”There’s something wrong with these 34” pants. They must be mislabeled. Hand me another pair from the rack.” syndrome. Familiar with this.

    Oddly enough with the hens running around the fruit trees – nectarine and peach-have not (yet) succumbed to bug invasion.
    I am thinking the Hens have gobbled all the grubs and caterpillars maybe?

      1. In one respect , yes. However, a reduction in one bug means a reduction in most of the others and then the birds visit far less frequently.
        I prefer more bugs and birds.

  2. We tend to gather some of that wonderful deadfall up from the neighbourhood trees, cut out the bad bits, and boil it down to a lovely thick sludge, with a sprinkle of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, then bag it and freeze it … to be made into all sorts of tasty dishes, both sweet and savoury as the year goes on. 😀

    1. That sounds like some very creative harvesting. I somehow managed to leave it too late to gather any of the fallen allotment apples, though I did inspect a few before I took their photo.

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