Seeking Light In The Night Garden ~ More From Powys Castle


Here we are, walking between high, high hedges, the castle terraces in the gloaming above, and overhead, stars pricking the black. It’s quite a climb to the castle from the formal garden: several flights of stone steps, and paths wending between the ancient yew trees that have been sculpted into strange shapes over three centuries. On this December evening many are lit from within, so that as you approach they barely glimmer, but when you draw level they open up like grottoes, revealing contorted arboreal workings beneath the close-clipped exteriors.




And now for some treescapes and garden views that did not feature in yesterday’s post:

Time Square #11


15 thoughts on “Seeking Light In The Night Garden ~ More From Powys Castle

  1. Rather eery. I had to creep into my basement with a flashlight tonight because I blew a circuit breaker. I thought that was strange, but this is weirder. Maybe because the colors are so unnatural?

  2. What a lot of work must go into these displays. I am glad you enjoyed it, as well the indoor displays. The photos show magic and mystery. Were there many children there?

    1. There were a fair number (very excited sub-teens and small people with their own lights on their little boots). It was actually quite early despite the dark. Only 5 pm when we arrived, so quite a few families were also there for tea in one or other of the cafes.

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