Welcome To The Night Garden ~ Yesterday At Powys Castle


As darkness closed in and yet another squall blew up, we slipped over the Welsh border and headed for Welshpool. We had  hemmed and hawed up to the very last minute of departure: should we or shouldn’t we go; it could be muddy; the parking a nightmare; too many people; the prospect of getting soaked; nearly an hour’s drive on unlit winding country lanes. So many reasons not to go. And then we simply gave up the argument and set off.

It was not promising. The constant swish of wipers; rain that felt set-in; roads awash and headlights picking up flooded fields and burst river banks. But as we reached the outskirts of Welshpool the rain suddenly stopped, and ahead and high on its rocky promontory Powys Castle glowed like some fairy-tale bastion. And as it turned out, parking was easy; we were not mired in mud despite days of rain; and though there were plenty of visitors, we all soon lost ourselves in the castle grounds and it quickly became a big, magical adventure.

And not a little bonkers, I must admit – going round the steeply terraced castle gardens in the dark – the whole thing laid on by the National Trust as part of their season of festive celebrations at the castle. Anyway, here are a few other-worldly scenes from the night garden of this ancient Welsh borderland fortress.










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43 thoughts on “Welcome To The Night Garden ~ Yesterday At Powys Castle

  1. oh wow how amazing, so glad you gave up the argument and went. What a wonderful experience. The Victorian’s certainly knew how to put on an extravaganza!

    1. I dare say it would have, Ian. I was only using the ‘night scene’ setting on my point and shoot, which told me I should anwyay be using a tripod, which I wasn’t. All in all it was a bit of a ‘jua kali’ effort stumbling round in the semi-dark.

  2. What a fabulous event. Thanks for deciding to go, and sharing it. Shame about not allows photos indoors,but your outdoor shots really give a flovour of the night.

    1. I have my sister Jo to thank for spurring us there. Left to our own devices I think we might have chickened out. But it just goes to show – travelling hopefully has a lot to say for it 🙂

  3. WOW Tish it certainly does look magical and otherworldly at night. I suppose you could almost imagine being back there in medieval times with of the modern things in the landscape blacked out by the evening. 🙂

    1. It was certainly surreal. The woods that bordered the foot of the garden and picked up only the fringes the lights were truly magical, but beyond my photographic capacity. And then there were trees that were covered in swarming fireflies.

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