Turning Accident Into Artwork?


I am not sure why he who lives in my house interfered with the washing machine hose, thus causing said machine to disgorge all over the utility room floor; and not once but twice due to the rinse and spin cycle. I think it was something to do with the fact that he had stored some of his bookbinding card on top of the washing machine, (he being in need of a flat surface that was relatively dust-free beneath the counter top) and earlier in the week was having a sort out in that vicinity, fishing out supplies that had slipped to the back, and thereby dislodging water exiting hose.

I was upstairs writing while all the repercussions of this earlier manoeuvre were happening, and so blissfully unaware of the downstairs flood. It was only as I was coming downstairs to get the washing out of the machine, that I heard loud exclamations from bookbinding man. ‘What on earth’s been going on in here,’ he says. I have no idea, I say, but I note the accusatory tone that suggests I might have been responsible for whatever it is.

By now I have reached the flooded utility room. Oh, no! I think. The washing machine’s given up the ghost after 18 years. But diagnosis will have to wait. First there is water mopping up to do. Luckily the floor is covered in quarry tiles so there is no particular damage done. The only casualties are the dustsheets that are kept under one of the cupboards. The downside is we don’t discover this till later, by which time they are very fusty.

In the meantime, after pulling out the washing machine from its slot, investigating its innards, the penny is beginning to drop in the mind of bookbinding man. ‘I think it’s my fault,’ he says meekly. ‘I must’ve dislodged the hose.’ Then he says brightly that at least it’s good to know we don’t need to buy a new washing machine, and that we also now have a very clean floor, even in the places where we don’t normally clean it.

The day is saved then, but for the washing and airing of dustsheets. And as the sun is shining I go out and take a washing line photo. Look! The garden is putting on a shadow play.

copyright 2018 Tish Farrell


Lens-Artists: Just for fun

53 thoughts on “Turning Accident Into Artwork?

  1. I do enjoy the way you tell a story, Tish… though this particular story sounds pretty bad. Sorry you had to go through it. Every time I go through that sort of accident, I try to figure out how to arrange things so something like that will never happen again. I do get some good ideas, and change my methods of working or the place a tool is kept and so on. But as always, the next disaster is completely unexpected and comes from another place… and another brush with reality. So glad the both of you survived. xxx

    1. Thank you, Shimon. You’re right: trying to avoid identifiable domestic disasters can very time consuming, and then you’re ambushed from quite another quarter. On the whole I tend to hope that our house, being pretty old, and made of stone is fairly resilient in the face of Farrell idiocy. My confidence could be misplaced though 🙂

  2. I feel for you, Tish. We’ve had a number of these “disasters” due to faulty and incomplete knowledge of the mechanical world. 😦 That’s why we decided we could NEVER own an RV. Imagine us hooking up the water and waste hoses to the van? We’d probably get them mixed up. 🙂

  3. oh dear, hope he did more than find a positive spin on this disaster!! Glorious photograph even if what led to it was not the story any of us would want first thing.

  4. I admit that it’s fun to me to turn mishaps into happy moments. Then creativity comes from the most unexpected places, such as from behind large appliances.
    Thanks for sharing your own experiences.

  5. Sometimes there is light at the end.. My DnL has been having trouble with her dryer . While sitting with the three little girls I decided to help out by unloading the dryer for her. Bingo!! Not removing the lint could be the problem …but closer inspection the whole vent was clogged solid. Thankfull she hasn’t had to deal with a dryer fire. Goodgrief! Sometimes we cause our own problems.
    I really like clothes dryed on a line …old fashion style.

  6. All’s well that ends well 🙂 I must admit to being very philosophical about these sort of things, whereas the OH gets into quite a spin. As you rightly said at least the floor got a good clean and the sheet art is fabulous!

      1. That would be a nightmare. I loathe having to shop for big items, most things don’t last more than the 1 year guarantee these days no matter what the price!

  7. Well told story of impending disaster but with a happy ending. I’m chuckling all the way through Tish. Hope he who lives with you did the floor. Like the photo it inspired too

  8. Clean dust sheets! Now there’s something not often seen at ours! Muttering something about an ill wind and waiting for small boy to get up and celebrate 6 🙌🎂🎁

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