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Hear what Disney heir, Abigail Disney has to say about tax breaks – FROM HER OWN EXPERIENCE. The scenario she outlines is not just applicable to the US. Tax breaks for the rich rob ordinary people of decent lives.

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19 thoughts on “Reblog: ‘If you only read and reblog one of my blogs, make it this one!’

  1. This is extraordinary – and depressing of course. I remember watching a documentary by Jacques Perretti a few years ago – The Super Rich and Us – basically saying a similar thing. That during the Thatcher era and since, the UK have been sold the idea that encouraging rich people to come and live here will give a ‘trickle down’ benefit to the population. This is untrue. They come, they buy our property, make a killing and take their money out of our economy, leaving us poorer and our property prices higher.
    This woman is extraordinary – one of the few of the global 1% willing to speak out about this issue. Thanks for sharing, Tish

    1. The Tax Justice Network site has a lot of info on this sort of thing – including details of their documentary A Spider’s Web – Britain’s Second Empire – doing the rounds on YouTube. It is truly shocking and with unofficial-official sanction. Also interesting is the fact that the City of London is an autonomous entity with its own police force and own representative in Parliament. MP Caroline Lucas has raised the matter calling for a public enquiry:

      1. It’s terrifying that not only have there been so few prosecutions since the 2008 meltdown, but that the system has remained largely unchanged since then, presumably because the Tories still believe – despite the evidence to the contrary – that unrestrained, unregulated capitalism is good for the country and the economy. I saw dark warnings that we could be heading for another crash for this very reason. We never learn. Thanks for the links, Tish

      2. I’d like to think things will change, but quite honestly, we don’t have a great track record at keeping those with such deep pockets at bay!

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