Out In The Garden Bee-Dazzled And Bee-Dizened And Bees Showing Their Knees





I popped out in the garden at lunch time, armed with my little Canon Ixus, and found it was all go on the bee front. The header flower, Helianthus Capenoch Star was proving very popular. I’d only bought it the other day, to go in the back of the flower bed that I said was ‘officially full’, and it is still in its pot, waiting for a slightly cooler moment to plant it out. In the meantime, it is being much visited. But then that goes for most of the other flowers: zinnias, cosmos, liatris, doronicum, echinacea, rudbeckia, and the self-sown purple toadflax. So many happy buzzing souls.



And then there was also the hoverfly:


64 thoughts on “Out In The Garden Bee-Dazzled And Bee-Dizened And Bees Showing Their Knees

  1. What are you on about ”ditzy”? These are gorgeous shots, especially the second one.
    . And the final photo looks like a Migrant Hoverfly – Euopeodes Corrollae.

    1. Many thanks. Jo. And now I’ve started looking, yes those hover flies are all over the show – apparently – as I learn from a Laura link – important stand-ins for honey bee pollinators. So good on them!

  2. I have just finished writing a post about the bees knees – obviously some sort of telepathy / synchronicity happening here. Have you noticed that many of the bees don’t have pollen pockets? Males or cuckoo bees? That’s my question.

    1. I just scrolled through your recent posts to look for this post as I’ve always been fascinated by the origin of this phrase “the bee’s knees” – the etymology seems to be a little fuzzy as there is a great deal of speculation but not a whole lot of definitives.

      As I couldn’t find your post, I assume that it is a work in progress and I look forward to seeing it soon!

    2. That’s really funny. What is going on in our heads? I also noticed a lack of pollen pockets, though one had pollen all over its face. But then I think the ones I was watching were necking the nectar. I need to find out more about bees.

  3. What a fabulous post, Tish! absolutely stunning captures of a riot of colourful flowers and these lovely creatures! I can imagine how mesmerising it was to sit there and watch these little critters!

  4. So everyone is clocking to the new kid on the block!
    Ha – well buzzing everywhere and your vivid photos brought a lot of color my way – GORGEOUS photos

  5. These are just marvelous, Tish, especially that second one with the bee standing up!! I also love the title, of course, puns and word play bee-ing something I deer-ly love. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!


    1. Thanks, Mike. Ha! Coal for your Instamatic indeed. It’s an Ixus 870 IS – bought it on Ebay for not very much. Very easy to use with both a macro and digital macro setting.

    1. My little digital point and shoot camera has a macro (close up) setting so it’s only a matter of focus, which admittedly can be a bit slippery sometimes. So nothing particular to learn 🙂

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