Popping Up Among The Doronicum – Crocosmia


The squeezing of HeWhoBuildsSheds’ new shed into the small back garden last year meant the loss of a herbaceous border. I didn’t mind too much, although it was a challenge to find new homes for the plants. Some were sacrificed altogether; some were thrown over the hedge to take their chances; some were planted outside the back fence in the guerrilla garden, some were put in next door’s guerrilla garden (I’ve started a trend) and others were just put somewhere.

Then in the spring, as soon as the tulips were over, Shed Development Phase 2 was thrust upon me. This meant moving more plants in order to create enough space to turn one flat bed into a raised bed so that the shed could have its own gravel forecourt and thus be accessible in all seasons. This also included digging up what was left of the lawn. The upshot of this HouseThatJackBuilt ‘school of gardening’ (fortunately no cows’ horns were crumpled in the process) is that much of what is happening out there now is a complete surprise.

For instance, I have no memory of how this crocosmia arrived among the doronicum. On the other hand, I do feel I need to give it a round of applause for cutting such a horticultural dash. Well put, that flower, however you got there.


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52 thoughts on “Popping Up Among The Doronicum – Crocosmia

      1. I kept noticing yellow and orange red hot pokers when I driving home yesterday. They can be so dramatic together.

      2. They seem to grow well here on sunny embankments – so I guess that means full sun with good drainage.

  1. Crocosmia seems to pop up everywhere! I have some in my ‘White Bed’ that I know I haven’t planted. it does make an excellent contrast so I will leave it be for now. I do love the idea of chucking stuff over the fence to let it do what it wants 🙂

      1. I pulled out some invasive grasses (they look nice but grow very big) early on this year and dumped them in my car park area. One clump has rooted!

    1. I think I preferred their Montbretia name. It grows wild (ie gone feral) along verges in parts of Wales, and also Cornwall I think. Pity the bird’s bottom if it had swallowed a corm!

  2. Best thing about gardens is things popping up unexpectedly I always think . . . . . this year because I have hardly mown the lawn I have discovered 3 oak saplings. There are no oak trees closeby!

  3. These are favorite blooms, coming in at the end of summer. Unfortunately, mine have have been rather shy lately and few blooms last year and none so far this year.

  4. I love your bright flowers. It has been raining heavily here for a few days. So dark in here that I can’t take pictures of my OWN flowers! Or go outside, though I have to later. They should spread this rain around a bit. Send some to you. Our river is just about to overflow its banks.

    1. Gosh that sounds a lot of rain. We’ve actually had some too – quite a bit yesterday, and on and off today. I think that’s it though, for a while. The garden is now looking very happy. Interestingly too, the rape field that was cut around a week ago, now has lots rape seedlings popping up through the chaff. They obviously lost quite a bit of the crop. Some of it might be going in my compost bins.

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