In Our Summer Garden ~ See Who’s Looking For Dinner


When I tell you that this crab spider is sitting on a zinnia bud and the zinnia bud is less than an inch across, then you can see, that in real life, this spider is very very small. Even in the next shot it’s still twice its actual size.


It’s fascinating to think that the hunting instinct is embodied in such a tiny entity. These spiders (Misumena vatia) do not spin webs to catch their prey. They sneak about in plants, sometimes seemingly taking on the shades of particular flowers as camouflage. And then they pounce!

I think the spider in this next shot is being a trifle ambitious. Can you spot it, lurking on the Doronicum? Also an ID for the bee-like fly would be welcome – Ark, Pete, Brian…


And now here’s a view of the garden, where all of life and death goes on – and under our very noses.


47 thoughts on “In Our Summer Garden ~ See Who’s Looking For Dinner

  1. Very impressive borders Tish – it really is an art getting it right in height and colour and interest – especially in this summer. I though at first your insect was a hoverfly of the volucella type but I think now it is Eristalis ?drone fly

    1. Thank you re my borders. All a bit of an accident this year. Some bits I planned but then forgot what I’d done, and then – what with the raised-bed-making exercise being thrust upon me in spring, some things had to be saved by shoving them in anywhere. So what was a planting scheme of sorts keeps surprising me. Which is v. nice, but might require some shuffling for next year. I probably have far too many plants in a small space which is confounded also by a greedy hedge.

  2. Your border is delightful – so colourful and full. I think I may have spotted a white crab spider yesterday evening, they are very, very small. And I also got surprised by a hummingbird hawkmoth as it landed on a flower right next to me, now they are quite large! Unfortunately it flew off so I had no chance to take a photo. The garden is certainly a hive of activity!

      1. I’m a bit like that. Replanted a couple of beds with perennials in the hope I don’t have to keep doing this. I have left plenty of room between plants for them to spread, but I hate seeing bare earth and the neighbour’s cat just thinks I have created another toilet for it!!

      2. Mine is full of sticks! Not very attractive, but hopefully one will poke his eye out. No that wasn’t a very charitable thought, but her cats do seem to like lying in my garden! Probably to get away from their annoying dogs.

      3. My other thought which I partly did put into action, was to fill spaces with annual herbs – various basil varieties, which will eventually all get eaten (by us as opposed to s and s).

  3. Nod to Laura. Looks like a Tenax and a comparison with some of my photos seems to concur.
    Nice shot. The thin banding is light so I’m going to stick my neck out and say Male.

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