The Blissfulness Of Blue On A Winter’s Day In Wales

We have spent several Christmases on the island of Ynys Mon, otherwise known by its Viking name of Anglesey, in North Wales. The weather in December always throws up surprises. On our last trip this was one of them – a perfect, windless, cloudless day with warm sunshine. We wandered on the Menai Straits beach, looking out at the Great Orme peninsula at Llandudno across the water. I found myself watching this young man and his littleΒ  boy, so absorbed in their play, the sun catching winter-white faces. No sound but the call of an oyster catcher.



That day in that place, we felt the universe had just given us a gift.


Lens-Artists: Blue

62 thoughts on “The Blissfulness Of Blue On A Winter’s Day In Wales

  1. It was the title to this post that tempted me to open and read, even though I felt too weak to really enjoy any reading right now. Blissful… how wonderful. I wasn’t disappointed. Bliss is so subjective, and even so, I got a taste of it.

      1. Thanks very much Tish. I am old and weak, and occasionally forget my limits… and then it’s hard for me to get back in shape.Don’t worry. I accept my fate with equanimity.

  2. Lovely, tranquil blues, Tish. The Welsh language always amuses me with its interesting combination of consonants and its impenetrable pronunciation. When the actual pronunciation is given, I’m always bemused at how it comes out that way. πŸ™‚ Part of the fun. Irish/Gallic seems to me to be the same.


    1. A famous Welsh poet who came to talk to us in Much Wenlock said some of those sounds were like sea breaking on rocks especially the ‘ll’ sound. It all started to make sense after I heard that πŸ™‚

      1. Never stayed in the hotel, though often fancied it. They have Festival No 6 there every year – v. whacky and wonderful so it seems, and inspired by The Prisoner that of course was filmed there.

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