Learning ~ One Little Bug At A Time


Leaning over the garden fence the other morning, I caught sight of a tiny moth flitting about in the guerrilla garden. It stayed while I went indoors to fetch the camera, and obliged me with a few shots.  Then I went back inside and googled ‘very small diurnal moth UK’ and ‘images’ and up it popped. A Mint Moth, says the font of some wisdom that is my PC –  Pyrausta aurata. The butterfly conservation link also told me that it flew actively in sunshine (which is was doing) and particularly liked spearmint (which is where I found it and where you see it here). I confess a frisson of success: ID done and dusted.

It’s a dainty little thing  – 70mm across/ three quarters of an inch. Here are a couple of closer views:



26 thoughts on “Learning ~ One Little Bug At A Time

  1. A beauty. Pete will be grinning when he sees it.
    Perhaps you should start recording all the species of fauna you come across?
    You’ll be surprised how they suddenly start to pop up and (relatively) quickly you learn the names.
    It helps awareness and is great fun too.

      1. I started simply to know what birds we had.
        Before long I had files for butterflies, bees, spiders and every sort of bug in the garden.

  2. I want one! I have mint, so where are they? Actually I have seen what looked like moths in the garden today, but none stayed to allow me to take a photo. This photographing insects and bugs and whathaveyou is very addictive! Oh, and nicely captured 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jude. We seem to have the snapping bug bug. Ark and Pete have clearly been stirring us up. Which reminds me, I’ve got an ace pic of a tiny crab spider which I must post. As to the Mint Moth, the link did say they were present across the country, but also sporadic. Now seems to be a good time to spot them though, and the spearmint was definitely the key lure.

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