Into The Field of Lost Content…


…marches Graham with his morning mug of coffee. A touch eccentric perhaps. But then if you have a handy field you can walk into from the house, and the sun is shining, why not?

Actually we always get excited when the farmer harvests Townsend Meadow. We watch over the crop, usually wheat, but this year oil seed rape, for the whole year. And then comes a brief interlude before the ploughing and re-sowing when we feel we can rush out there and romp. In Graham’s case the romping is a purely cerebral activity as you may judge from this contemplative pose.

We could, however, have done without Wednesday night’s momentous dust storm that followed the combine harvester. The crop looked totally desiccated before it was cut, and the seed pods wizened, and now we are left with a desert of chaff that lies in deep drifts between the stalks. Please, weather gods, keep your stock of gales, winds, and even light zephyr breezes well contained otherwise we might have to hoover the garden. And ourselves too.



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51 thoughts on “Into The Field of Lost Content…

  1. We see thee Mr. G
    With your coffee rather than tea

    Astride a field of corn
    On a dusty Saturday morn

    Or perhaps it was wheat
    That lies beneath you feet

    Whatever the cereal now razed
    I’d venture you look somewhat … amaized.

  2. I like the photo of your husband looking so tiny in the landscape. The weather is really getting extreme for you though – it looks really drought stricken.

      1. … and other places are getting far too much water. I saw some awful footage of floods in India on the TV news tonight. Our world certainly is in a sorry state.

    1. Hello Brian. I can imagine Paris in an overheated August! UK is hot, but not quite unbearable in Shropshire. We still have a few breezes. Two more hot days forecast, then slightly cooler. I don’t remember a summer like this. It was cooler in Kenya.

      1. Nairobi definitely was. Even in the interior. Mombasa was a bit hot. Problem with Paris is it’s a city. So the heat gets trapped inside. Anyway, it is better than winter. Kwaheri sassa Memsahib.

  3. I have a friend who lives opposite a field and that dust storm is an annual event. Actually, it’s a twice a year event because they do this in the spring when they plough, too. She is forever complaining about the endless dirt. This year, we have had enough rain that we are more likely to be suffering mud that dust. How unlikely is that you guys are dry as dust and we have rain? It’s very unweatherly.

    1. Unweatherly – that is a cracking up-summing word. And dry as dust is definitely an unaccustomed state in the UK. It’s also set to continue, though with less heat. Everything has gone to pot over here. I blame Brexit. Also Trump has been busy here too – wrecked Scottish sand dunes with his golf course – an officially listed site of special scientific interest too. Hooligans rule all round – weather-wise and ‘human’ ones.

  4. Your shots today run the gamut from contentment to desolation, quite a territory for one small post. Hopefully you’ll get rain soon. We had some today and it appears there could be more tomorrow.


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