Collision Course?


Somehow I feel this image says much about our relationship with planet earth. I’m wondering what you think?

Location: Little Haven, Pembrokeshire

Baleful is Debbie’s word for today

31 thoughts on “Collision Course?

    1. Not really thinking about the sail boarder exactly. More that the overall image is a metaphor for our attitude and how we think we can do what we like, often forgetting to respect the whole.

  1. so small a speck of mankind and so much harm to the planet even in moments of leisure with plastic and nylon to harness the wind and wave – on second look though it is a great capture

  2. A very powerful image Tish,those dark, looming cliffs and incoming waves almost obliterating the struggling figure with his jaunty orange sail. Man versus nature, who will win…

  3. I read your response to arkenaten, and it seems to me you give too much credit to the importance of human beings. We might wipe ourselves off the planet… but I think there’s a good chance that the planet will continue to bear life long after we’re forgotten… maybe smaller sized creatures… somewhere around the size of ants or cockroaches…

      1. I hope it’ll have a good affect… though the why in that question makes me think at once of the word guilt. I shouldn’t. It’s too automatic… but with the Europeans involved, you know….

      2. European involvement does often raise those sorts of queries. I have the impression that it was originally the initiative of the African Union, and long may they be committed to it. Though obviously there is financial support from the usual – World Bank, EU etc and the UN anti-desertification programme.

  4. I was surfing that day and that looks very much like my rig! I’ve been surfing the coastline for over 30 years and fully aware of all the potential hazards that the coast can throw at you, it is a wonderful coastline and photograph!

    1. Hi Neil. You truly did cut a dash, which is why I took the snap. Also I wasn’t using this image literally, but as a visual metaphor for humanity and its various environmental collision courses. I am sure you are very aware of actual hazards on that coast, though from where I was standing it did look a bit alarming. It’s an unforgiving looking cliff-face. Happy ‘sailing’ 🙂

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