A Bucket Full Of Blue ~ Mad March Square 10


This was a heartening find outside our High Street florists on Wednesday. I love the blue of hyacinths, though their scent can be overpowering indoors. Anyway, it made me think how lucky we are in our very small and ancient town to have so many independent shops. As I may well have mentioned before, our traders’ roll call even includes two book stores. Also extraordinarily, we have a vicars’ outfitters where men of the cloth can have their cloth, well, customized. Who’d’ve thought…

I’m thinking I may feature more of Wenlock in squares over the next few days. I shall have to schedule same as we’re about to go to the dark side. That is to say, changing our internet provider. The last time we did that we were worldwidewebless for nearly a fortnight. So if you don’t hear from me over the next few days, do not be surprised.

March Square Pop over to Becky’s to get square with this squares and circles lark.


30 thoughts on “A Bucket Full Of Blue ~ Mad March Square 10

  1. Oh, not the Dark Side, Tish! 😦 😦 Such lovely gentle ‘circles in a square’ this morning. I still find it strange to see them as cut flowers. I have some soft pink and plummy tulips on my hearth. Not yet faded enough for Sue. 🙂 🙂 Happy weekend!

  2. Yes, good luck with the changeover! I’m with Jo here, I can’t see these as cut flowers. I have a bowl in the conservatory so I get a pleasant whiff every time I walk through and it is not as permeating a scent as it would be in the warmer rooms. I do like your square though.

      1. Oh, the Broadband is working, but WordPress won’t work properly on my iPad now…but I don’t have the energy to deal with that!

  3. The flowers featured in this post reminded me of the blue-purple artichokes that have been showing up in the markets here in the last few years. They are very tasty. Have you encountered them?

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