Skew-Whiff And Time-Slipped In Much Wenlock’s Square

We have three tea rooms and a smoothie bar in Much Wenlock. Also two old pubs and three hotels, a Chinese Take-Away and an Indian restaurant. We’re well served all round.


Here’s more of the Square – on the right is the sixteenth century timbered Guild Hall where Town Council meetings are still held upstairs once a month and Rod and Viv’s vegetable market features downstairs several days a week. The parish church behind dates from the early Middle Ages. The Museum on the left used to be a market, and then it was the town cinema. Now it tells of Wenlock’s glorious past as the origin and the source of the modern Olympic Games.

The Wenlock Olympian Games began in 1852, founded by the town’s physician Doctor William Penny Brookes. He inspired Pierre de Courbetin who visited him here to pick his brains on who to run the games, and then went on to found the International Olympic Committee.  One of the events in Penny Brookes Olympics included races on penny farthing bicycles. This chap (below) turned up at one of our Christmas Fairs a few years ago, and was attempting to mount his vehicle in a high wind. He never quite managed it, at least not while I was watching. But I did appreciate his fine bicycling costume.



All this squares in squares and circles in squares shenanigans is down to Becky. Here’s the place to find out more: March Square


31 thoughts on “Skew-Whiff And Time-Slipped In Much Wenlock’s Square

  1. Should I say, ”Oi, on yer bike!”

    Skew-Whiff! … I haven’t heard this phrase for over forty years. It’s a fav of my Mum’s! 🙂

    Oh, and nice piccies too.

      1. Aaah. So that’s where you were! Was saying to my crew I was getting a teeny bit concerned as you have been rather hush hush for a few days.
        Funny how ”attached” we become.
        Hope you had a nice break.
        Is it snowing at your spot?
        I’m watching the Liverpool game and it’s snowing at Anfield.

      2. Snowing, yes. But coming and going in blizzardy flurries. It was absolutely brass-monkeys freezing as we came back from Wales today. Yesterday we were on the beach enjoying the sun, albeit with coats and hats on. And yes, one does get attached and wonder what’s up when people go quiet.

      3. The game just finished. First time since I can’t remember I have watched an entire match and it snowed continuously throughout.
        It’s March for goodness’ sake. The weather has gone bonkers!

  2. I was wise to you this time, Tish, because I came here second. 🙂 🙂 I do wish you’d lay off the grog till later in the day though. The odd tipple is permissible.

  3. Lovely post and delightfully, dizzying images—all those angles, lines, and curves to admire. I will have to add Wenlock to my fantasy list of places to visit if I’m ever wealthy!

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