It’s Been A Long Winter ~ Thursday’s Special

At least this morning we have bright sunshine, although even before I looked out of the window I could tell from the clarity of light there would be frost too. There is. Indoors, I keep peering at my tomato seedlings and thinking, ‘why did I start you off so soon?’ They say they don’t know either. Ah well, when it comes to gardening, as with much else, all one can do is travel hopefully. Meanwhile, fingers crossed, we’ve seen the back of these wintry scenes. You can click on an image to also see these in carousel format.

Thursday’s Special: Wintry

41 thoughts on “It’s Been A Long Winter ~ Thursday’s Special

  1. Sometimes I think it is just as well we don’t have such extreme weather. Imagine Nairobi in snow and no county machine is working. Whenever we have heavy rains, power also disappears. Life would be unbearable.
    Great pics , Tish.

      1. You’re here! An FGM seminar – that should be bleak. I once wrote an article about it for an American teen mag. In fact I may have re-posted it on WP. Have a lovely trip on your bike. That sounds just the thing for an over-worked medic.

    1. You are right, Peter. The photos are the fun bit. And I’m sure our winter is nothing compared to yours. We Brits just like to whinge a lot about weather 🙂

  2. At least you got some cracking photos out of the weather Tish. We are back to mist and heavy rain today after tow almost warm spring sunny days. What a come down 😦
    (And I have yet to sow my sweet peas as the temperature in the conservatory is only just beginning to feel above freezing). Oh, well, these things will happen in time.

  3. Photographically speaking, you’ve made the most of winter, Tish, and for that we’re all glad. It’s cold here right now, but headed for 40 F or so today and sunny, so I’m not complaining. We had our vicious cold earlier in the season and it was quite something. I love snow, but having several weeks where it never got above zero (F) and the wind chill was even worse, was terrible.


  4. We don’t have snow here in Florida so I get to enjoy the beautiful snowy photos of others. You’ve captured the icy ❄️ magic of snow in your photos. Of course, it’s easy for me to enjoy since I’m not in the midst of it. Thank you for sharing your wintry weather.
    Isadora 😎

  5. Aren’t we all ready for Springs warmer days? Well…I guess there are some below us that are just moving into winter but I’m ready for a steady change. We have had a few beautiful days and it is still a sunny day but frost the last day or two have laid waste to the daffodils. The fruit trees were in bloom too…we will see.

  6. These are so wonderful (especially you title shot) they ALMOST make me wish for winter. But I said ALMOST because I remember the cold and have no wish to return to it!! I’m happy to enjoy it through your wonderful photography

  7. It is dragging on Tish temperatures normal I suppose but now the rain and grey skies. Every time the sun shines I’m seeing it through my office window 😦

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