Round And Round The Circle In Bishops Castle With A Few Squares And A Steam Roller Thrown In

Bishops Castle is another favourite Farrell destination – a sleepy rural town in the Shropshire-Welsh borderland. It is full of quirky and ancient houses, though this one at the top of the town must surely take the prize for being the most smile-inducing. I thought this pared down photo would tick all Becky’s boxes (square ones naturally).

But I was sure you would like to see the full picture too:


And the houses at the bottom of the town, sporting their Michaelmas Fair-Steam Rally banners:


And a taste of the Steam Rally:


You can see more about Bishops Castle at Summer Came Back On Saturday And Took Us To The Fair


March Square 8

29 thoughts on “Round And Round The Circle In Bishops Castle With A Few Squares And A Steam Roller Thrown In

    1. Definitely a town worth visiting, and especially if you like real ale which is brewed at the bottom of the main street and the top of the main street 🙂

  1. I have spent the last 2 weeks visiting hubby in ITU – the decor is random circles but are nowhere near as cheery as your Bishops Castle. p.s. did you shoot these in square or crop? I am going to try the former and see what crops up!

    1. Oh dear, Laura. All the best to your other half. And to you too. All so stressful and upsetting. As to the squares, they are crops. I’ve never done squares before this mad March effort, and then discovering a magic squaring tool on my editing programme. I’m finding it really interesting seeing things in squares.

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