Winter On The Menai Strait ~ Soulful Sunday


I’m posting this photo, taken one December morning on the North Wales island of Anglesey (Ynys Mon) to remind myself that winter in the British Isles can sometimes be blissful. In fact we have experienced perfect winter weather days on this island on several occasions – cold certainly, but utterly still and dazzlingly bright with hardly a cloud in the sky, only the calls of seabirds and waders echoing over the water.

Ynys Mon is of course an island brimming with spirits. It was the last stand of the Celtic Druids against the Romans (see Island of Old Ghosts); there are the cells and wells of early Christian hermits, and many a prehistoric chambered tomb dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. There are also all manner of mythical connotations too. In the centre of this shot you can see the Great Orme across the Menai Strait at Llandudno. It was named by the Vikings, the word orme deriving from the old Norse for a sea serpent. In this view you can well see why they came up with it.

All in all, then, I thought this view added up to a suitable contribution for Ali’s new meme: Soulful Sunday. Please visit her blog The Mindful Gardener – a must-go-to spot for anyone who loves gardens or gardening or marmalade flapjacks. There are also some glorious pictures of the Kent countryside in yesterday’s snow

The Mindful Gardener: Soulful Sunday

25 thoughts on “Winter On The Menai Strait ~ Soulful Sunday

  1. This is beautiful. Exactly what I had in mind by “soulful” and yours has many layers of meaning – full of souls too! I wish I could go back in time to visit favourite places and see what they were like and the people who inhabited them… Thank you for conjuring an exact moment in time, using all the senses.

  2. Your photo fits perfectly, Tish, but please don’t introduce me to another wonderful blog and challenge. I’m at my limit or more for screen time these days! 🙂


  3. Thank you Tish for the link I have just been to check out Ali’s site and new meme. I am tempted, you have given us a beautiful and soulful rendering of your visit to this magical place. I’m trying not to join challenges, or “memes” as they seem to call them now (and was interested to find the meaning of this word in Ali’s post). Trying very hard not to spend too much time with WP. But I am being slowly sucked in….😳

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