Nothing More Cheering Than A Marigold


This marigold had its photo taken on 22nd January. She was growing in my strawberry bed, one of several  plants that have spread themselves hither and thither on my allotment plots and been quietly flowering all winter. They make their own sunshine, don’t they. Though I think even they will have been defeated by the current Siberian onslaught. I have not ventured over the field to see.

For hundreds of years the marigold has been much loved by herbalists. Its properties comprise a complete pharmacy – from healing skin conditions to boosting the immune system and many disorders in between. I usually just add the petals to salads, or as a garnish to rice dishes. The colour alone is enough to lift the spirits.

I’m also hoping that Debbie and Becky won’t mind my killing two challenges with one marigold:

Six Word Saturday  Please visit Debbie to see a very shaggy sheep.

March Squares For this month Becky has set us the daily challenge of posting square photos featuring either squares or circles. You may post as inclination strikes.

38 thoughts on “Nothing More Cheering Than A Marigold

  1. My marigolds haven’t survived. The thyme is looking black and the hellebore has given up the ghost 😦
    But my little daffs are dancing again so all is not doom and gloom.

    1. Phew. It’s good to hear that it’s not total wipe out in your garden. We’re promised another snowfall overnight, having had a bit of a thaw. It’s a bit fed-up-making now.

      1. A lot of black looking foliage, though the baby spinach looks good. I am being optimistic that stuff will regrow. And hopeful that the S&S will have been wiped out.

  2. Thank you, Tish. A marigold is my favorite flower. Under my black thumb, somehow it thrives. It gives me more joy than any other flower.

  3. A beautiful bit of cheer for me on a rather wet and grey day on this first day of our holiday. Or should I say our week away from home because in this third age of our life every day is a holiday… 😊

      1. Disgraceful but I’m still in my jamas. Not a lot of incentive, and I was up, most sprightly, for t’ai chi yesterday morning. 🙂 🙂 The big dampener today is the death of a friend from long ago.

      2. Thanks, darlin! Bought myself some tulips and cashew nuts for Mother’s Day (yes, I dressed first, not like some people we know 🙂 ). Eating the nuts now, in case they don’t keep 🙂 and marching on with life.

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