Watching Snow Blow ~ The Bedroom Movie


March first and the Snow Dragons of Winter were unleashed over Shropshire – huffing and puffing great gusts of iciness over the land. Oddly, there wasn’t a heavy fall, and the flakes were very dry, but they did a lot of travelling. In the night the dragons racketed and roared over the roof and blew all the field snow into heaps behind the house.

This movie of blowing snow was shot from the bedroom window yesterday afternoon. Today we have slushy roads and biting winds. Who let Siberia in?

copyright 2018 Tish Farrell


39 thoughts on “Watching Snow Blow ~ The Bedroom Movie

  1. I’m hopeful that we’ve weathered (so to speak) winter and are into the beginnings of spring. I enjoy snow and we could certainly get some yet, but right now we’re enjoying temperatures in the mid-forties (Fahrenheit, of course) and I’m good with that!


  2. You may think it strange, Tish, but I can’t say I’m missing this at all or feel remotely like coming back to the UK. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Even in torrents of rain and gale force winds in Jerez. I just rattled my castanets and drank sherry.

      1. Talked to my daughter last night: -15 in Warsaw, and at last my down jacket that I left behind is coming into its own. Although it would be big enough to wrap around slender her twice.

  3. This video is totally cool, Tish. I love spooky winter weather. I’m sorry I missed the winter in Norfolk, but I can assure the beast from the east made the temperatures in Norway drop as well. Record: -42Β° … πŸ™‚

  4. Far be it for me to cast aspersions on your directorial debut,(?) which is quite good,including the minimalist corvid soundtrack, but if you want this to succeed at the box office you may want to rethink the title.
    The Bedroom Movie ?

    Just a suggestion ….


  5. Don’t care for the cold much, and am always disappointed if the snow doesn’t pile up… but looking at this video, I was wondering… and trying to imagine what the snow felt like on the wings of the birds.

  6. We got the powerful winds and rain that made the world look like someone had slashed open the heavens and all the water had fallen on us, followed by a soupcon of snow to give us an early morning frosting. It’s supposed to snow — a little bit — tonight and a lot by the middle of the week. What a strange spring! I love the way the waves of wind and white blew across the lawn.

  7. Very atmospheric, Tish. Bearing in mind that your bedroom overlooks the birds’ ‘bedroom’, did you notice the rooks and jackdaws roosting early to shelter out of that biting wind? The birds in our garden went to bed early on this day.

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