Tulip Time


I can see why 17th century Dutch merchants  worked themselves into a fever over tulip bulbs. The flowers are never static. Even when captured in a vase they change shape and shade throughout the day. I think the colours here complement Cee’s stunning bearded iris, so please visit her at:

Cee’s flower of the day

45 thoughts on “Tulip Time

    1. Ah, so that’s what’s going on with them. I’ve often wondered when coming down in the morning to find a vaseful has somehow rearranged itself overnight.

      1. When I yelled at her for being a bad moose, she had the grace to walk away in shame. It only took window rapping, arm waving, and loud yelling to get her to realize her mistake. I think one of my students has it on video. I’m no doubt floating out there on the Internet as the crazed moose-hating English teacher.

  1. beautiful shades – often look best too when full blown with age(!) that does not so much wither as send into artistic contortions of their own making

  2. A beautiful colour combo, and good to know they keep on growing after picking. I had a bunch delivered this morning from my Australian daughter for Mother’s Day – Poland celebrates on a different day, besides, my Polish daughter told me today she doesn’t think of me as her mother!!

  3. Very lovely, and you can see why the Dutch go crazy…even today…over tulips. I still have not been to Holland during tulip season, but it’s on my list. The Dutch were some of the first to import coffee, as well!

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