Blowing Big Bubbles In Bishop’s Castle ~ Thursday’s Special


There screams of delight when Tall Will The World’s Tallest Bubbleologist began his magic. In fact it was rather like a bubble-version of the Pied Piper. As long as Tall Will was making bubbles the children were in hot pursuit. Everyone wanted to catch their own bubble. Of course I ran after him too. Never was more high-octane joy created than from Will’s bucket of agitated soap solution.


These photos were taken at Bishop’s Castle’s Michaelmas Fair last September. There were all kinds of magic there: it’s that kind of place, with or without the fair. You can see more at Summer Came Back On Saturday And Took Us To The Fair.


Paula’s theme this Thursday is ‘inflated’. Please pay her a visit. You won’t be disappointed. Promise!

24 thoughts on “Blowing Big Bubbles In Bishop’s Castle ~ Thursday’s Special

    1. That’s a good memory. Now you mention it, that’s one of my early best childhood memories. I can still summon the taste of clay pipe used for blowing and the bubble mixture when one sucked instead of blew 🙂

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