Reflections Of Ludlow ~ March Squares

Ludlow is probably the most handsome of Shropshire’s ancient market towns, and one of our favourite places for a day out. It is also the region’s foodie capital so you can usually be sure of something delicious to eat at one of its many inns and restaurants. And it has shops as they used to be – proper butchers, green grocers and bakers. Then there is this place on Corve Street – a magical emporium of light fittings and fixtures. They are all rather expensive so we usually just look in for the show, or press or noses to the window.


March Squares This month Becky wants squares in squares or squared circles.

29 thoughts on “Reflections Of Ludlow ~ March Squares

  1. One of my favourite shops. I too pressed my nose against that window many times and in fact bought two very expensive table lamps when we moved. Sigh… I do miss the Ludlow market, but boy house prices are something else there.

      1. The ‘good’ transport links are what bump up the price, especially the train link. We did look for a house with a garden for several years, but couldn’t find one within our budget.

    1. We are very tempted with this part of the world when we leave Winchester . . . . .so who knows I might be joining you and Jude with my nose pressed up against this window!!
      (PS Winchester is even more expensive than Wenlock and Ludlow so we might be lucky)

      1. I want a view – sea view preferable but hills or an estuary will also do, which is why the area around Ludlow keeps coming up!!

  2. I’ve never been, but I can tell from your description that I’d love it. But don’t press your nose or other body parts on the glass!! Someone has to clean it!! Can you tell that I’ve had to clean the glass of the pastry cabinet and that over the chocolate truffles at work more than a few times?? 🙂


  3. Oh the joy of seeing real, independent shops. I keep hoping they’ll make a comeback all over the place, but I’m not holding my breath.

    1. Ludlow started up an annual food festival some years ago, and it’s given the town a real lift on all shopping fronts. But you’re right: they are too lacking pretty much everywhere.

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