Cats’ Eye Views Of Koroni ~ Peroulia Dreaming 12






When it comes to pets, I have to admit to being a dog-lover first and foremost, but as we tramped up and down the many stepped byways to and from Koroni castle, we  met a number of very handsome cats. In fact there were cats and dogs everywhere we went along the coast. Some had more to say for themselves than others. The Koroni cats were particularly self-contained. One definitely had the impression it was THEIR village, and foreign interlopers were thus beneath their regard. They could take us or leave us.

42 thoughts on “Cats’ Eye Views Of Koroni ~ Peroulia Dreaming 12

  1. Must say that the first photo was a shock for me………I’ve always wanted to live in a place like this!
    Dutch painting seems to have influenced your other pics….Beautiful!

    1. Not sure where SV was filmed. But on the Peloponnese there was lots of hi-tech in between the more rural olive groves. I was especially impressed how everyone was using solar heated roof tanks for their hot water supply.

      1. Thanks for the info, Jude. Messenia is more rugged than beautiful, and also not too touristy. You have more a sense of it being its own self than many of the islands seem to.

  2. Your pictures just tell your story so well. I do love cats and have had several in the past I really do miss,but the 9, yes 9, that live here at Journey End farm Icould really do without.They are outside cats that have no intention of being a friend except at feed time.One thing that always catches my eye in pictures from Europe is how clean every thing looks. Our roads are just trash collectors from lazy people.

    1. Nine outside cats who don’t want to pass the time of day does sound a lot. And yes, Koroni is very well tended. The olive groves outside the village are rather less tidy. Meanwhile here in the UK we have a lot of litter dropping, even though there are handy litter bins. It’s very dispiriting that people don’t care or know better.

  3. Aw, pretty puss cats. Greece has such an abundance of feral kitties. The black and white one reminds me of my Benjamin who was such a softie. Sadly long gone now.

    1. You know those steps were nothing compared to steepness of the rural lanes around where we were staying, And there was a hike downhill to the beach. So yes, it was a very active holiday. And I miss it.

  4. Lovely photographs that make me sad. Cats killed off the local birds. House cats should be kept indoors. Lots of research available on this. Cats kill billions of birds and mammals a year.

    1. Yes, you do have a very good point, Sherry, especially with regard to song bird depletion. In fact most of the olive groves were silent. We mostly heard jays, crows and a buzzard. And that was it.

  5. I’m not a big cat fan, even though I was drafted in to feed the neighbour’s cat while she was back in Harrogate for a week, but what a place, Tish! I could forsake the Algarve 🙂 🙂

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