Monday Magic ~ Today In My Wenlock Garden


Good heavens! This morning we woke to frost. The windscreens of the cars parked across the road were definitely glinting whitely. But there was bright sunshine too, lighting up the last of the leaves on the lime trees. They looked like great golden flares.

And since the temperature was much keener today than yesterday, sun notwithstanding, my cooking thoughts turned to making Greek lentil soup. While it was it was cooking I went out in the garden to snap whatever was blooming.

Extraordinary, isn’t it. We’ve had vicious gales, heavy rain and yet on the 30th day of October we still have sweet peas on the back fence. There are also masses of buds on the Morning Glories, though when they do open, it’s a half-hearted show of the decidedly shivery. I’m  not sure why they waited till October to get going.

The real stars are geranium Rozanne, now in its second or third flowering, and the little border of coral and shell pink Hesperantha; pull off the lilies’ spent stems and more burst forth.

So welcome to my autumn garden and all that’s still flourishing there. Frost, what frost?

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34 thoughts on “Monday Magic ~ Today In My Wenlock Garden

  1. Tres pretty. And the shed’s looking mighty fine as well. 🙂

    The hesperantha is from this part of the world I’m pretty sure, and we have the one you’ve got in our garden as well.

    1. Oh flip! Not back yet? I keep looking. Anyway hope all is well with trial run. And many thanks for the birthday greetings. Lovely of you to remember. We’re off to Berrington Hall NT, just south of Ludlow, and so far there is some autumn sunshine. Camera charged!

      1. Not back till 17th November and I have a birthday and Lisa’s visit to look forward to before then. Hope to post a walk Monday but it’s keeping up with the replies that’s hard. Fab time! No complaints and temps in the mid 20s. Take care and love to the man in the shed xx

      2. I think I’d better send you forward birthday greetings then, Jo. So happy upcoming birthday in the sunshine. And Lisa’s visit will be a real treat. I was wondering if she’d been doing her stuff at the latest Whitby grand dress-up. She would have liked Berrington Hall. A whole room of 18th century style cool wigs and togs to play in. And no I didn’t. Was trying to get to the walled garden before it rained.

  2. I would imagine these last flowers give a watercolor look to the superb effects of autumn’s mosaic backdrop. For the mosi part, the scenery Mother Nature gifts us is breath taking.

  3. I would love to wander around your garden with you Tish, but this cyber snapshot of autumn in your garden is a very good second best. Glorious colours. I think I will now retire into Graham’s shed with a hot cup of coffee…

    1. It would fun to wander round the garden with you, though it would be a quick wander due to small premises, but yes, then we could take over the shed for a coffee chat…

  4. Surprising what you have flowering still in your part of the world Tish. Most of mine were blown away in the recent storms though there are a few survivors. No frost here yet, but I think there was only a couple of times that we had any last winter so hopefully we will escape the worst again. Happy birthday btw and I hope you had an enjoyable day out at Berrington. Their walled garden has come on a treat so I hope you took plenty of photos to share with us.

    1. Thank you for those nice greetings, Jude. We did indeed enjoy Berrington, and the walled garden is lovely, but not so the light. I did take one or two photos though 😉

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