The Last Turtle Of Summer ~ Peroulia Dreaming 11



After wandering around Koroni Castle we descended down the stepped streets to the harbour front in search of ice creams and coffee. Greek ice cream is delicious and ours came in many astonishing flavours. We wolfed it down like five year olds. Next we settled ourselves at a seaside cafe and ordered coffee, but we had not been there long when the waiter came dashing to tell us there was a big turtle to be seen just off the quayside. ‘It is the last turtle of summer,’ he said. ‘Tomorrow it will be gone.’

A little crowd had gathered and was peering into the stormy looking water. The weather had changed, and there was a cool wind blowing off the Messenian Gulf. It was hard to spot the turtle between the dark ripples, and I missed a couple of chances to take a photo as it popped its snout above water. Then a silly young Frenchman decided he wanted to swim with it, jumped in and scared it away. ‘Merde’, said his girlfriend. Merde, indeed.

So here is my best shot. Little more than a peek. But then it is good to know that there are still loggerhead turtles around the Peloponnese. One of their breeding beaches is at Koroni on the far side of the castle. Every year between June and mid-September the turtles make some 46 nests there. These are monitored throughout the summer by ARCHELON, The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, along with a host of volunteers from around the world. Good on them, I say, and bon voyage last loggerhead of summer.

You can find out more about Archelon, The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece HERE.


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31 thoughts on “The Last Turtle Of Summer ~ Peroulia Dreaming 11

    1. Well I went traditional and had vanilla which was wonderful, but there were all sorts of other combos involving caramel, almonds, pistachios, chocolate, and all the fruity flavours.

  1. Good of the waiter to tell you about the turtle. Nice ripples too. The turtle looks quite big. I saw them lumbering up the beach at mon repos, Bundaberg to dig their holes and lay eggs. Fascinating

  2. Why is there always some idiot who thinks that interfering with nature would be “fun” (grrrr)? I love the idea of pistachio or almond icecream. I never eat the stuff at home, but am always drawn to gelato shops in Australia. I’ve developed a particular taste for blood orange sorbet. 🙂

  3. Very exciting to get a peek at a loggerhead turtle. I am smiling at ‘wolfed it down like 5 year olds’. For my 5 year old self that would have meant copious dripping down the side of the cone, and more than likely a big piece of ice cream falling from the cone to the floor; if not the floor then down the front of my dress. In one unhappy case the ice cream went down the front seat of a very expensive sports car. I was not invited to ride in that car again. Mortifying for a 5 year old. 😀

    1. Oh, sad tales of ice cream disasters. I once had a Labrador, to whom I gave the tail end of an ice cream cone, and while she was adjusting it in her mouth she dropped it down a drain. Oh the look of loss and mortification. I should also say we did do our fair share of dribbling.

  4. I once spent a lot of hours trying desperately to convince some islanders to not eat that turtle. I was unsuccessful. Sometimes, you lose the battle. I’m glad there are still some turtles swimming the seas.

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