33 thoughts on “Mombasa Beach Girls ~ Thursday’s Special

  1. Very nice picture, Tish… I love the power of the colours of those young women’s clothes… and its contrast with a more neutral background. Great composition! 🙂

    1. Hi Muthoni. I wasn’t being definitive here, but when I took the photo years ago, there were quite a lot of young women selling kangas and curios on the shore in front of the beach hotels.

      1. Hello Paula. Kangas are the brightly coloured wraps/sarong and head covering. They usually come in pairs and have pithy mottos on them, sometimes a bit naughty. Curios It the collective term for all the African carvings, jewellery, baskets and indeed kangas that beach traders sell to tourists 🙂

  2. Bright colours look great on black skin. When I return to UK everyone seems to be wearing dark or white. Shame. But lovely picture all the same

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