34 thoughts on “Mombasa Beach Girls ~ Thursday’s Special

  1. Very nice picture, Tish… I love the power of the colours of those young women’s clothes… and its contrast with a more neutral background. Great composition! πŸ™‚

  2. I have lived in the Kenyan coast for more than an year now and it has never crossed my mind that we have beach girls so thanks for this picture!

    1. Hi Muthoni. I wasn’t being definitive here, but when I took the photo years ago, there were quite a lot of young women selling kangas and curios on the shore in front of the beach hotels.

      1. Hello Paula. Kangas are the brightly coloured wraps/sarong and head covering. They usually come in pairs and have pithy mottos on them, sometimes a bit naughty. Curios It the collective term for all the African carvings, jewellery, baskets and indeed kangas that beach traders sell to tourists πŸ™‚

  3. Bright colours look great on black skin. When I return to UK everyone seems to be wearing dark or white. Shame. But lovely picture all the same

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