This Week Over My Garden Fence ~ Granny’s Bonnets Galore


You can’t have too many, can you? Aquilegias that is, aka Columbine or Granny’s Bonnets. They self-seed all over our garden, and also outside the back fence where we have a self-gardening border between us and the field. Dame’s violet, feverfew, purple toadflax, moon daisies, corn cockle and foxgloves are the other vigorous self-sowers. The Dame’s violet in particular is welcome for its fabulous scent. This year most of the plants have come up white. Last year they were mostly pinky-mauve as the plant in the next photo. I like the way they give us a change of scheme:



The border isn’t entirely made up of DIY flora. I have put in a few perennials, along with spreading useful herbs – various mints, oregano, lemon balm and marjoram. This year too, some left over allium bulbs put in 18m months ago, are making a nice show – quite unplanned planting scheme-wise.  They were planted in the places where I could get my trowel in the soil.


You can also glimpse the transplanted crab apple tree in the top left corner. It’s just coming into full leaf. Next on parade will be the foxgloves. They are opening today under a sudden heat wave – so pictures to come. I’m also wondering if the invasion of opium poppies will be repeated this year. It’s nice to be kept guessing and to have a good garden fence to lean on – to watch and wait, and see what this unofficial garden will do next. It’s certainly keeping the bugs and bees happy.


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36 thoughts on “This Week Over My Garden Fence ~ Granny’s Bonnets Galore

  1. Burgeoning like crazy, aren’t they, Tish? I’m tying renegade clematis and just enjoying being warm. 🙂 🙂 Our Aquilegia are mostly the lilacy blue ones.

    1. We had lots of dark blue mauve ones last year, but this year they’re mainly rosy shades or cream. Interesting what they get up to – mingling. And yes – to be warm. Hurrah!

  2. Too beautiful. Brings back memories of my Gran and Grandad’s place down in Royston.
    And the fields disappearing for miles in the background of the first photo?
    Simply marvelous.

    1. I think there’s room for both. Flowers have started making their presence felt up at the allotment too – good for pollination of course – sweet peas beside the runner beans 🙂

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