Through Time And Space ~ Black & White Sunday


This photo was taken at Penmon Priory on the island of Anglesey. It is a mysterious place, on the shore of the Menai Strait. The stone ruins date from the 12th century, built on the site of St. Seriol’s 6th century hermitage.

The window was in a building beside a dovecote, a much later structure, built by the local lord in 1600, long after the monastic period.

The dovecote’s interior was difficult to snap due to window slots in every quarter, but you get the idea. There are 1,000 nest boxes for pigeons, and both the birds and their eggs were harvested. Originally there would have been a long revolving ladder attached to the central plinth.

P1060541 - Copy


And since I know you are curious to see the outside too, here it is  seen through entanglements of Old Man’s Beard – the seed heads of wild clematis which adorn Britain’s winter hedgerows and byways:


Black & White Sunday: Through  This week Paula has an especially spectacular interpretation of this week’s challenge. Go see!

24 thoughts on “Through Time And Space ~ Black & White Sunday

      1. Resting – after a week of decorating ready for new flooring to go down which has meant emptying two rooms! I am too old for all this…

  1. All of these are wonderful in B&W, Tish. We saw a dovecote once in France and my husband shuddered to think how many pigeons would have lived there. He does NOT like pigeons, calls them “dirty birds.” 🙂


    1. Not too fond of them myself. They sit on the electricity wires up at the allotment and watch me. Then when I turn my back, they come plundering. My pigeon defence systems are not very slightly, but oh, so necessary.

  2. And you depicted it as mysterious too. Tish, I love everything about these captures – your edit, shades and tones, but it would mean nothing without your natural talent for framing and composition. Thank you!

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