Serpent’s Eye View From Llandudno’s Great Orme And A Spot Of Lamb Retrieval


It was Monday morning, and here we were cresting the head of a sea serpent – the mighty Welsh marine worm. At least that’s what how the invading Vikings saw Llandudno’s Great Orme, and named it accordingly.

It is indeed an extraordinary craggy eminence that juts into the Celtic Sea, very much like a gigantic head. Amazingly, too, you can drive to the top, and see mountain mirages like this one. I’m looking south down the coast of North Wales, and this real-life illusion took little editing apart from cropping and reducing the brightness.

And now that I’m looking again at this still, blue scene, it is hard to believe it was blowing a gale as I took this photo.

Next are a couple of windscreen shots as we ascend and descend – rather more mythic edits this time and in keeping with this amazing slice of 300 million year old geology:




And now we come to Operation  Lamb Rescue –  a kind man restoring very little twins to their mother. They had slipped down the bank towards the road, and couldn’t climb back up. So this was more nightmare than illusion – but with a happy ending:



Finally, a distant view of the sea serpent, taken from Anglesey on a still, but warm day in late December, when yet again Wales was in dreamy illusion mode. Perhaps we imagined it – the Great Orme, the mighty worm, snaking its way across the Menai Strait:



In this week’s Thursday’s Special, Paula asks us for illusions however we wish to present them.

25 thoughts on “Serpent’s Eye View From Llandudno’s Great Orme And A Spot Of Lamb Retrieval

  1. I am very happy that you responded to this challenge. That way I get to see the most extraordinary landscapes through your eyes. Btw, most of your photos depict illusion, which I love. Thank you, Tish.

      1. 🙂 I love having you here. This place wouldn’t be the same without you and your offerings and your posts in general.

  2. That photo through the windscreen is breathtaking, and as always your writing takes in so much. The shot of the rescue is very dramatic. The danger seeking ways of the young encapsulated! I remember the relaxation of a glass of wine at sunset by a steep gorge with flood waters roaring through turning to anxiety when a tiny goat began to leap around on the vertical rocks opposite us, equally anxious mother trying to discourage. A might relief when they disappeared together under an overhang.

  3. What a lovely thing to find on a lazy Sunday morning in the Algarve, Tish. 🙂 On our homeward bound route from Anglesey we had a brief dally in Llandudno. I’d never been and was curious to see the Ormes up close. The panoramic views were amazing. I’ll always be fond because it’s the last place Dad went on his little National trips. I asked him if he went up the Great Orme? ‘No, just the British Legion Club’. 🙂 🙂

    1. It is an extraordinary place – Llandudno and its Ormes. It has family associations for us too – mine and G’s. I hadn’t been there since I was so high. Hope you’re having a lovely, lovely time in Portugal 🙂

      1. You know those restless legs? They walked much too far today and now I’m fit for nothing but wine and frozen pizza. And I don’t even really like pizza 😦 😦

      2. Ah, but I expect you gathered lots of lovely vistas. As for me, I’m still thinking on your dad in the Llandudno British Legion Club. Such a hoot. And why not indeed.

      3. He spent rather a lot of his life there but it did him no harm. 🙂 🙂 The cistus and wild flowers are absolutely mesmerising, Tish! But I need new feet 🙂

  4. How kind of the man who recued very little twins and brought them to their mother. Thank you for sharing the heartwarming story, Tish. 🙂 Beautiful captures, as always.

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