41 thoughts on “Essence of Spring

  1. Early 20s down here, but I hear thunder rolling in. If there’s lightning about will have to disconnect. Haven’t seen a crocus in years!
    So beautiful.

  2. looking pretty in purple Tish but hate to think we’ll be blue with cold again soon – winters way of saying goodbye. I’m heading as far south as possible this weekend – Bournemouth not Antartica!

  3. Wow yours were much more open than ours here in P.A. The icy blasts came yesterday and are here for the week. Climate change you ask? Simply a change in the weather.

  4. Crocus. Funny you guys should call the same as us frogs. 🙂 I remember my mother telling me that those flowers could actually grow through the snow. Perce-neige. Or maybe I am confused with another flower?

      1. Ah-ha! Snowdrops. We’ve had loads this year – all along the hedgerows of Wenlock Edge. They are the earliest spring flowers. But thank you for their French name. I didn’t know it and it’s lovely. I don’t mind links in French. I can read it enough to get a gist – just don’t speak it very well.

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