“Life, Jim, but not as we know it”?


I don’t know about you, but I find this close-up shot of a daffodil a bit disturbing. It was sitting in a jug with other daffodils on our kitchen table, full lit by a pendant light. We’d just had dinner and I thought I’d capture some floral detail.

But somehow daffodils by night don’t quite make sense. And there’s a worrying ‘otherness’ about the too-close-quarters; rather like the first time you looked up someone’s skirt when you were a child.

Hm. It makes me think though – what a wonderful mystery is this thing we call life. And in this case, so very yellow!

26 thoughts on ““Life, Jim, but not as we know it”?

  1. I found myself rather mesmerized by the shot (if mesmerized is something that can be modified by “rather”). I didn’t quite take in the actual subject. Just enjoyed the composition – especially that gorgeous curve above the stamen.

    1. Now you’ve said that, it makes me think of Anish Kapoor and wonder what he might do with such a structure. In fact, that’s what may have been in the back of mind when I started taking the photos. He’s a wizard at helping us to see the world with fresh eyes – albeit in disturbing ways. Now thinking of his huge red ‘trumpet’ piece in your sculpture park posts.

      1. That’s a really interesting connection. I wasn’t conscious of it when I saw your post, but yes, the flow of the shape is very reminiscent of ‘Dismemberment.’ But somehow the colour difference totally changes the mood. Your yellow daffodil is considerably more welcoming than the Kapoor. Although I have to admit; standing next to it for the first time my friend and both thought it would make the most amazing water slide.

      2. I’d like to think so. I suspect that Alan Gibbs, who owns the piece and the sculpture park would have been much less amused by the idea.

      1. It is. We also remember different sorts of things from person to person. 🙂 I am blessed (or cursed) with an almost eidetic memory. So I remember most of what I have seen. Have a lovely week-end, Memsahib Tish.

  2. I think Georgina O’Keeffe would see this too, or perhaps she would think differently about it and paint it more beautifully than it appears. Life is a delightful mystery but sometimes dark.

    1. I think our heads might have been in similar places when taking these shots, Robin. So is it you who has the mushrooms then? I’m hearing that in teeny doses they are very good for you. But with or without them, we are fine thanks. V. busy here and there. Hope all is well with you and Mrs Robin.

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