Black And White Sunday ~ After And Before ~ Sam On The Rocks At Penmon Point

For this week’s Black & White Sunday Paula asks us to show her an original colour shot rendered into monochrome.  It is an interesting exercise, seeing what will work in a different format; and what won’t.  Here I’m trying it out with another shot from the Christmas on Anglesey archive. I’m not too keen on the dark smudges around the lighthouse that’s showing up in both versions. I think I  had the camera on too much zoom; otherwise, I can’t account for them. Strange irradiating substances?

Please visit Lost in Translation for more Afters and Befores.

While I’m here, is anyone else finding WordPress incredibly clunky, or has my PC been sabotaged again by Windows 10?


32 thoughts on “Black And White Sunday ~ After And Before ~ Sam On The Rocks At Penmon Point

    1. I notice windows10 has deposited several apps in the last few weeks. Apart from ‘Store’ I have no idea what they are; nor can seem to dispose of same. Sometimes think microsoft is ‘the axis of evil’, and the man who invented it now wants to vaccinate us all. Yikes! Who knows what we’d be uploading.

  1. I haven’t had a problem with WP. But I am 5 hours ahead of you in UK, so perhaps less busy when I am using it? The dark areas around the lighthouse look like an artifact in post production. Do you fiddle about much with your images?

    1. Post-production: That’s what I thought, but I don’t think I did much fiddling in this case. For some ‘reason’ my Microsoft editing prog won’t let me undo anything I have done with Lumix shots after saving, so I can’t check.I know, I should keep a master file.

  2. The colour one for me, I think. The black and white somehow flattens and detextures things. But then I yearn for the feel of sun.

    WordPress just disappeared a whole post (unless of course it was me!) and I’m on my iPad.

  3. You are amazing! I have never seen such a 3D feel in a lighhouse photo. I like it better in black and white. Sorry for not coming sooner, I crashed early last night.

  4. I think both photos are good. The lighthouse looks like a giant salt cellar floating on the water.

    Can’t say WP is any different than normal.
    Since they introduced the ”new improved ” editor (which I do not use) the ‘Followed Sites’ drop-down seems to take an age to load but ordinary Blogs load with no probs.
    This Laptop is an oldish one and I think it running 8.1?
    It runs just fine from my perspective.

    1. I like the floating salt cellar – on a salt sea! Thanks for computer feedback. My clunkiness has been happening for a couple of weeks. The page freezes when I’m mid-comment, and everything in WP is taking longer to load. But I also notice that Windows 10 dumped some unknown apps on my computer about 2 weeks ago, and I can’t seem to get rid of them. I prefer the old WP editor too.

      1. My son uses an Apple for work and has no probs whatsoever… so he says. Though he does not blog, the Emilyscakes website is a WordPress platform.
        Do you still use the old WP editor?

      2. Yes, I don’t like the ‘easier’ one. Apple is a tempting option if expensive, having recently bought a new laptop. There are ways of ditching microsoft altogther, but it all takes effort and brain doesn’t have enough RAM to process the operation 😦

  5. I prefer the colour shot not least because the blue is picked up in the pools making more impact to the shot though as you know I am a monochromephile

    could be your lighthouse radiation beams that’s causing the trouble but both suspects you mention are equally likely to be culpable. Windows 10 is built like a maze and still I can’t find the exit 😉

  6. This is going to sound crazy, but the colour version seems closer than the monochrome. WordPress has been very odd on my phone recently, but okay here on my lappy. Probably due some updates.

  7. I like both versions. But the black and white stand out. It’s so bold and the subject perfect for a monochromatic rendering. The dark smudges around the lighthouse you talk about, most like comes from post-production as somebody else pointed out. 🙂

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