Thursdays Special ~ A Commanding Presence


It’s not easy taking a photo of a moving lion, and for all sorts of reasons – not least, the excitement. This is another shot of one of the members of the Maasai Mara’s celebrity Marsh Pride. I think that confident stride definitely says ‘I’m in charge here’. And just look at the size of those front paws! Scarily impressive even in this somewhat aged photo.

We visited the Maasai Mara only three times while we were living in Kenya, but every trip there delivered many breath-taking moments. We were lucky too. Kenyan wildlife guides are among the world’s best – so generous in the sharing of their knowledge – whether of grasses and dung beetles or leopards and rock pythons.


Desert Date  and the Oloololo Escarpment ~ indelible memory Mara-style


This week at Lost in Translation, Paula’s  March Pick A Word includes five word prompts: commanding, coarse, gibbous, incremental, indelible. Please see her interpretations and be inspired.

32 thoughts on “Thursdays Special ~ A Commanding Presence

  1. Wow! How close were you to the King? He is awesome, Tish. Can’t think of a better interpretation of commanding in animal world. Stunning indelible that shouts Africa! Thank you 🙂

    1. I guess it was around 20-30 feet. Lions tend to disregard vehicles, so they will come quite close. Indeed have been known to have a lie down on the roofs or bonnets of safari trucks! So happy you like him 🙂

      1. Something weird happens in your brain. It may be due to watching too many wildlife films on TV, but I didn’t feel scared, because part of me was thinking it wasn’t really real. Even once, when I was answering a call of nature behind our truck, and found myself eye to eye with a lion stretched out under a bush about fifty metres away. He looked. I looked. And I still wasn’t scared. Then I got back in the truck, and our driver-guide was v. put out when I told him. He thought he’d found a lion-free zone for pee-stop.

  2. I’ll never forget seeing lions close up Tish! Love the sunset too, hopefully we never forget such places but browsing through photos is a thrill as well.

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