A Sea Full Of Sky


What a blessed scene. We could scarcely believe our eyes – a sea so still, so blue, and sky to match; the Great Orme slumbering on the horizon, and all this happening just last week on the Menai Strait, North Wales.

I love winter beaches whatever the weather, but this vista seemed to awaken a whole new plane of perception. I could see why the Celtic Druids made Ynys Mon their stronghold. You never do know what the light will do next. It is transporting.

The little boy and his dad seem caught up in the magic too. So it’s a good thing that the Great Orme is slumbering; for this Viking name for the limestone headland means sea serpent, and we don’t need him abroad disturbing the tranquillity.

It’s an odd thing, though, about that particular promontory. The weather along the Strait may be foul, but more often than not, there’s a beam of sunlight slanting down on the Great Orme. Perhaps it is all part of an enchantment that keeps the mighty serpent dormant. Sleep on, Great Worm. Dream and dream between sky and sea.

P1060459 - Copy (2)


Thursday’s Special  This week Paula has given us five words to fire up our New Year imaginations. I’m using two of them here – the sea permeated with sky colours, and the limpid waters of Menai Strait. Follow the link to find out more and to see Paula’s fine photos.

33 thoughts on “A Sea Full Of Sky

  1. Not sure if I attempted to leave a comment yesterday and it ended up in spam, but I will try again. Love winter beaches and love that second image with the rocky foreground. Anglesey is a part of Wales I haven’t been to, but OH lived there for a brief time when he was at Bangor uni.

  2. Wonderful photo, TIsh. Who among us can walk up to such a shoreline without taking a moment to just gaze upon the sight? That little boy knows what I mean …

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