Solstice Sky And A Fine Quotation To Match


I dashed up to the allotment this afternoon while it was still fine. The weather forecast is promising us storms tomorrow so I thought I’d better get the Christmas parsnips dug up fast, and the Brussels sprouts and red cabbage gathered in.  The ground was very water-logged and the plots looked dreary, and naturally there were no other mad gardeners around but me. But as the sun went down, just a fraction later after the shortest day, the light over the town was magical.

These photos were taken with lots of zoom, and in the next one the sky looks to be on fire.


All of which reminded me of an Albert Camus quote which I read on a writing blog earlier this week. It was so hope-inducing I thought I’d pass it on at the first opportunity. It’s especially apt for all you creative people out there, which would be every man Jack and Jill of you. More power to your making in 2017:

 In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

Albert Camus

36 thoughts on “Solstice Sky And A Fine Quotation To Match

      1. 1963 Visconti film set in 1860s Sicily – Lancaster plays head of a declining aristocratic family facing political change. Has some stunning visuals. And while I’m here, happy Christmas, Sue. Tx

      2. Ah, il Gattopardo…Giuseppe Tomasi de Lampedusa….I’ve read the book (in English), a brilliant read, but never seen the film

  1. I love that “sky on fire” look. I’ve seen it at sunrise and sunset, but it never ceases to delight me. I read everything Camus wrote when I was in high school … and then reread them in French back when i could read French (not any more!). Lovely post.

  2. AS you anticipate rain and bad weather, we in NZ will have a fine weather for Christmas Day. We have had some inclement weather recently,but things have improved. Hope you all in the north have a happy day.

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