49 thoughts on “It’s A Beautiful Small World ~ In My Garden In 2016

  1. Beauty is a source of spiritual healing. Love is the fruit of beauty. Beauty and humility go together.
    Satish Kumar

    Your flowers and their tiny creatures are a treasure. I am grateful for your act of love in posting the photos-Thank you, Tish.

    Angel in the dust

    1. I very nearly included a faded poppy for you, Sue. I’ll save it for another time perhaps. Wishing you the very best for Christmas and beyond. I’ve so enjoyed are quick chats this year 🙂

      1. And I should be inspecting the minor repair I recently did on the pond/pool, but to strip down and work in this heat….phew .. no thanks.

        Mad Dogs etc …
        Noel Coward anyone?

  2. Just what the doctor ordered, Tish. I was just in my yard, overlooking the bare beds, plants, and rosebushes. Even though the worst of winter lies ahead, I can’t help but search the soil for hints of spring. We gardeners are an optimistic lot. 🙂

    1. Optimism and gardening – It goes with the territory, doesn’t it? Do pessimists even attempt to garden, I wonder. There are already signs of spring in the UK – daffodil tips just showing, early rhododendrons already flowering in Wales in sheltered spots. Who knows what will happen next though…

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