Twilight On The Sytche ~ Night Views From My Room


If I stand on the bed in my office, I can open the roof-light and place my digital camera on the glass. It makes for some quite interesting twilight effects, and means I can use zoom and more zoom – i.e. as in playing, not writing. But then all writers/creators need to do lots of playing: it’s all part of nourishing the imagination. The knack, of course, is knowing when to stop, and get down to some hard graft. Not today, I’m afraid.




This Thursday at Lost in Translation Paula asks for twilight, and who are we to refuse her.

37 thoughts on “Twilight On The Sytche ~ Night Views From My Room

  1. What fun! I especially love the third one. I know what you mean about playing. I’m much rather play with photography that write, but then eventually the writing cries out to me and I just have to buckle down and do it.

  2. I captured a pink sky tonight, more successful than the flocks of birds that had been teasing me all day. As soon as I ventured out with the camera they all disappeared!

    1. Oh Gilly. Have you got x-ray eyes? I’m probably more than old enough to know better than to go climbing on beds, but at least these days I know not to jump on the mattress. It’s a cabin bed. Would probably end up in one of the under-bed drawers. Yikes!

  3. Sensational subtle colour – your play became real art – that last shot is surely a print for your wall. Twilight gives such a sense of peace – could gaze at that for hours.

  4. What a view! Your photos are beautiful. I do love living in a major city, TIsh, but sometimes I’d love to look out a window and see a distant horizon rather than another building. One day …

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